GROW A TREE, tree growing kits; fast growing trees & Kid's science experiments

Guaranteed  to  Grow!   
Just add sunshine, water, and love.

Try our tree growing kits which include everything you need to GROW A TREE ®. Mark A Special event, Grow a future Christmas tree, or replace the tree you used!

GROW A TREE ® kits are inexpensive! Only $ 2.35 per kit! They're fun, easy to grow, good for the environment,educational, interesting- real trees
which will grow for seventy years and reach 70 feet tall!!     Pretty hard to beat!

  Help Save the earth !  GROW  A  TREE ® !

Each kit contains a guarantee, directions, peat pellet-(growing medium), seeds and gravel!

USE CREDIT CARD OPTION BELOW or send check or money order to Riverhouse Products, P.O. Box 743, Bucksport, Maine 04416 in the amount of 2.35 (U.S.) per kit, add $1.50 for shipping total order.(WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! & FAST/within 24hrs. of receiving your order!)

TREE KITS:  Balsam FirAdd to Cart, Giant Redwood !!Add to Cart, TamarackAdd to Cart, Scotch PineAdd to Cart, Blue SpruceAdd to Cart, White BirchAdd to Cart, American Elm,(resistant strain to dutch elm disease)Add to Cart, AppleAdd to Cart, PearAdd to Cart, the AMAZING TOMATO TREE!Add to Cart (special requests are possible- contact us.)

GROW AN HERB KITS (ONLY $2.00 U.S. per kit!) : OreganoAdd to Cart, CilantroAdd to Cart, ChivesAdd to Cart, DillAdd to Cart, BasilAdd to Cart, ThymeAdd to Cart, and MarjoramAdd to Cart
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